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Questions and Answers 

Samsung/Wisenet Q/A


(Q) My cameras are not showing on my app (Wisenet/Samsung) DVR?

(A1) Check that the DVR is working by monitoring the lights and sound of the harddrive.

(A2) Check that the internet cord is connected.

(A3) Refresh the app by saving settings. 

(A4) If none works, your Internet provider may have changed your IP address. To easily obtain your ip address, Google "what is my ip address" while being connected to the same home wifi. Then replace the IP address to the new public IP address that is provided and save it.


(Q) How can I reset my Wisenet or Samsung DVR?

(A) Must have a remote, click Up, Right, 5, 3, 3 and then OK on the screen. This will conduct a full reset of your system.


(Q) How can I view my camera in better pixel on my Wiseview App?

(A) Click the camera that you want to view, then click on the video camera symbol and change view from substream to mainstream. It must be done to every camera you want to view. This process does not save.


(Q) Is there a manual for Wiseview or Samsung DVR:

(A) Click the PDF to see manual.

Lorex Q/A


(Q) How do I add Shared Users to my Lorex Home App?

(A) Do as following in the Lorex Home App.

1. Shared Users need to make their own separate Lorex Home App account.

2. Then, the Main User will open the Settings Logo, then Device Settings. (...) 

3. Click Shared Users, then add a share user by adding the email of the other account. This should add a second user. A link will be sent to the other user.

4. The other user should register an account prior opening the confirmation email. Once registered, open link to confirm.

5. Open the Lorex Home App and refresh, the devices should automatically sync.


(Q) How can I download Lorex Software on my PC or Mac to view life or playback?

(A) Click on the link below. Download the correct program based on your system. Lorex Cloud Client. It is located half way down the webpage after the listed compatible DVR models. 

Once you download, you will add a device by requested information.

-Change from IP connection to P2P ID connection.

-Add the Device ID Number.

-Username is admin with no caps.

-Use the same password as your DVR for password. 


(Q) How do I stop alert notifications to my phone?

(A) Once you open your main Lorex Home App, click on every bell image that is highlighted in blue located on the top right of the image frame. 

Options to snooze or turn off alert will be prompted and you can then turn off alerts then and save. The bell will then turn gray to show that is off.


(Q) How can I view all my cameras at the same time on my Lorex App?

(A) Once you open your main Lorex Home App, click on on the play square icon located on the top right of the app. Once you click it, all the cameras will load up and then you can select multiple views.

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